映画「Ray(レイ)」に見られる過去との和解をイメージワークの視点から考える Imagery in the movie “Ray”

I finally got to watch the movie “Ray”, the autobiographical movie of Ray Charles.

この映画は、レイチャールズ役を演じたジェミー・フォックスの名演で話題になりましたが、現在GIM(Guided Imagery and music、音楽によるイメージ誘導法)を勉強している私にとっては、最後のシーンでレイチャールズがイメージの中で過去に別れた人たちと出会う部分がとても印象的でした。
I knew this movie for the impressive act of Jamie Foxx. His acting was indeed impressive. But the last scene, which Ray Charles visits his past figures through imagery, stood out strongly since I am now learning GIM.

I don’t want this to be a spoiler for those who haven’t seen the movie. So I am not going to get into the details. But, according to this movie, Ray Charles had a prolonged drug addiction. After a series of arrest and serious talk with his wife, he decided to go through a treatment. After going through rough physical detoxification, his doctor suggested Ray Charles go through a psychotherapy because the doctor sensed his past trauma. Then Ray Charles, through imagery, met the past figures associated with the trauma and received the words of wisdom and forgiveness from them. In the movie, it was not obvious whether or not Ray Charles actually received a psychotherapy or image work But the imagery appeared so crucial for him to move forward.

The story like this can be found in the clinical case studies of GIM, receiving a massage from a past figure, say a dead family member. Then the experience prompts the client to move forward with his or her life. As a matter of fact, I experienced similar imagery during my level II GIM training, meeting my passed grandmother in heaven. The experience helped me to move forward with my life with better understanding of my past life.

When I talk like this, I may give you the impression that GIM will help you to meet someone form the past. It may be. Or it may be just your ideal imagery in your head. I am not going to discuss it. But the point is that forgiveness is given through imagery.

It feels that we tend to think within logical realm or rationalize things in our “heads” and avoid talking with our hearts. For example, with our past trauma, we tend to rationalize like, “oh it could not be helped”, but failed to give ourselves a heartfelt forgiveness. Because of the unsolved or unforgiven trauma, some may try to blur the heartache by drug or fill the tiny hole in the heart through affairs.

Reconciliation with past is the realm of psychodynamic work. But in order to do so, I think imagery work provides heartfelt forgiveness and reconciliation beyond the logical understanding in head. In that sense, GIM does so through re-experiencing the past or meeting someone from the past in imagery.

I think there are people with past scars in heart left untreated in Japan. I hope that GIM will be more available in this country. The movie made me think so.

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